Review Guidelines

Employee Guidelines

Relevance – We welcome reviews from both current and past employees. We ask that in order to keep every review as relevant to the WorkAdvisor community as possible, that you only review past employers within six months of leaving the position.   This ensures other users get the most up-to-date information on their chosen company.

Be honest – Always be honest when placing a review and be as constructive as possible. Employers read the reviews;  if things are great then tell people why and if not, explain what improvements are needed. It helps employers make changes and helps other job seekers to gain a stronger understanding of the business. After all, you are the expert!

No secrets – It is very important that you do not disclose any confidential information about a company that you have obtained while being employed there. WorkAdvisor reserves the right to remove any review which discloses confidential information, to protect the user and employer.

Anonymity – WorkAdvisor is an anonymous community forum which allows users to review their current or past employer. We ask that you never mention anyone by name and you never mention your own name on a review. Never upload photos or other imagery which may lead to your anonymity being compromised.  WorkAdvisor will protect any user’s identity so you never have to worry about your review being shared with an employer, past or present.

Use of language – Please refrain from using any language which may be deemed as discriminatory, offensive, carrying any kind of threat of violence or be deemed to be generally unacceptable.  Remember this is a public site and all information will be shared, so please think of the content of your review before you share it.


Employer Guidelines

We believe every employer who has subscribed to WorkAdvisor has the right to respond to any review placed on the site, but we do ask you think about the following when you respond to reviews:

Use of language – WorkAdvisor offers users a secure environment from which to voice their personal experiences with your company. We ask all employers to refrain from using language that could be deemed threatening or intimidating.

Anonymity – All users are anonymous and employers are reminded that they should never ask users for their name or current or past position. Feel free to ask users to contact a certain department within your company should they wish to talk more about a particular subject that has been raised.

Website links – Please do not include any website links to other areas of your company website. All responses should be in text format.