Dog Daycare assistant

Sherston Doggy Daycare ltd
07 December 2021
28 February 2022
South West England
Job Roles
Part Time
Contract Type
£8 to £9

Job Detail

you would be working with the dogs each day in the daycare, playing with them and keeping them
entertained, and making sure they behave themselves! You would also be responsible for cleaning and
washing dogs and equipment among other duties.
It is essential that you are comfortable dealing with a large group of excited and playful dogs! You must
be able to think fast and remain calm in any situation to ensure the safety of all of the dogs at all times.
You must be confident in handling big and strong dogs.
You should also be happy working in any weather as no matter how hard it rains, our dogs have still got
to be exercised and looked after throughout the day!

Experience and Professional Competence

Skills required:

Dog handling experience- does not have to have been in a
professional environment.
General knowledge about dog behaviour