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Opodo operates out of fourteen European countries, with headquarters in London. It has Opodo-branded sites in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Poland and Switzerland, as well as Travellink-branded sites in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. It also operates several other French travel websites.

Opodo launched its first site in Germany in November 2001, its UK site in January 2002, its French site in April 2002 and its Italian site in January 2006.

Since 2011 Opodo is part of the European e-travel group, ODIGEO. It is a pan-European enterprise, founded by a consortium of European airlines, including British Airways, Air France, Alitalia, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, Aer Lingus, Austrian Airlines and Finnair.


Opodo Companies House Information


Hammersmith Embankment,
Chancellor's Road,
London W6 9RU

T: 0871 277 0090

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