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Meon Valley Travel




50+ employees


£40 million+

Meon is in the help business.  We never close.  Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year the Meon Valley Travel Group is a UK based professional travel buyer for individuals and business.  Meon delivers three core specialities of Leisure, Business and Emergency Medical Assistance, underpinned by a hunger for excellence and proven appetite for quality, care and value.

Meon consultants are cultivated like the finest slow roasted coffee.The rich flavour of each of our consultants makes up the unique Meon alchemy of talent, expertise and knowledge, delicately infused with a lively spirit. We harvest the brightest beans (not all survive our rigorous quality controls) then instil raw knowledge with value to give our customers the best possible travel experience. We are proud of our well-travelled consultants. We believe they are the best. Because we also believe in fair trade, we look after every team member with enormous care. Our consultants in turn likewise care for our customers – distilling value, saving lives and making travel dreams come true with delicious flair.

To make this happen we need brilliant people who like to make a difference, and that is why we are always looking for talented ambitious and passionate people to come join us. If you believe you share the same values and have the requisite skill and commitment, we would love to hear from you.