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Welcome to Kognitiv. Kognitiv is where buyers, or groups of buyers, can directly connect with suppliers.

Where buyers can utilize their immense purchasing power to develop customized programs and products with highly engaged suppliers.

Where suppliers can interact directly with buyers, rather than through a host of unnecessary intermediaries that provide little value but charge significant brokerage fees.

Where intermediaries that do add value, can bring their deep experience and unique expertise to bear.

Where partners can build meaningful customer experiences that deepen relationships, drive loyalty and build their brands. This is how collaborative commerce should work.

This is why Kognitiv was created. Kognitiv was founded in 2009 by Peter Schwartz, formerly Chair and CEO of Descartes Systems Group. He also founded Laurence Capital, a private capital firm, and backed entrepreneurial success stories such as Clearpath Robotics, Globalive, Quickplay, Achievers, Symbility, BigRoad and others. Kognitiv is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada, with nearly 200 employees in Canada (Waterloo, Mississauga and Toronto), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Austria (Innsbruck and Vienna), India (Bangalore), Hong Kong, UK (Bournemouth and Manchester) and United States (Charlottesville).


92 King Street S,
Unit 201 Waterloo,
N2J 1P5

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Training Executive

1 month ago

Kognitiv – North West England

Kognitiv is paving the way for the next era in B2B collaborative commerce - enabling consumer and hospitality brands to engage deeply and securely with their customer base. Brands can collaborate with suppliers and value-added partners, providing customers with personalized experiences. We have created new distribution applications designed on the principles of effective commerce: value discovery, collaboration, trade and personalization. The network uses machine learning and distributed applications to analyse consumer behaviour data and identify profitable opportunities for brands and partners to leverage. These opportunities are packaged and marketed to consumers through complete programs, backed by Kognitiv’s technology resources, applications, and expertise

October 18, 2018 12:30:55

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