Tips for working from home

It seemed unimaginable twelve or so months ago that working from home would become so normal with the average commute now set at five metres (bedroom to home office!) it seems that working from home will be a part of our working life in a post covid world.

But are there any downsides from working at home and what support is there?

There was a concern from employers that having staff working from home would affect output and this is true however not in the way you might think. A study from business news daily reported that an average homeworking employee works 1.4 days a month more compared to their office counterparts, driven by the lack of a commute and less distractions. WorkAdvisor has come up with some helpful tips to keep in mind when working from home.

1. Give yourself time for a break

It’s important for your mental well being to give yourself space from the laptop or PC. Working without breaks can increase stress levels and ultimately reduce output. Set some time during the day to break off from work and to have a walk or sit down with a coffee.

2. Set some dedicated office space aside

It’s not always easy to make space at home for a new office considering we haven’t needed it. Working from the couch or bedroom just is going to cut it so if you don’t have a box room that can be converted the dining room table will work fine. It’s important to have a area at home which you recognise as your workspace this way you won’t be distracted and can keep things professional while on those zoom calls!

3. Is there any financial upside to working form home?

Well the answer is yes! If you are working from home you might be eligible for tax relief. The government offers workers up to £6 per week in tax relief that’s £312 a year and you can also claim tax relief on equipment you have bought to allow for you work from home like office chairs and screens etc more information can be found on the HMRC website

4. Think longer term…

While working from home might suit your current circumstances when things get back to the new normal be sure to talk to your employer about what the future working conditions may look like. It could be a hybrid of working from home and the office or a full time move back to the office, some employees will benefit from having contact with other employees and management to help with their career development.

5. Eat, drink and be merry!

Not that kind of drinking! It’s important to make sure you are eating a balanced diet to help you to focus. Staying well hydrated is a must too. When in the office we are always making excuses to go and get a cup of tea or a glass of water at home we can neglect this. Lastly don’t put too much pressure on yourself, work to the routine that suits you and gives you the best opportunity to shine!