WorkAdvisor helps you understand your employees’ needs

Covid-19 has led to the biggest change in workplace practices in living memory.

Many businesses have moved their entire operations away from the office and instructed their staff to work from home. In future, employees may only return to the office on a part-time basis or not at all.

But does that suit all workers?

Those who faced a long commute may be loving the change. Younger people sharing cramped flats with few facilities may yearn for the old days of working in an office with colleagues.
Now, more than ever, it’s important to understand your employees’ needs and assess how they are coping with the pressures of homeworking.

This is where WorkAdvisor can help.

WorkAdvisor can provide your business with our employee engagement solutions, tailored for each business. Your staff will appreciate being asked for feedback and will feel comfortable doing so through a third-party organisation rather than to you, the employer, as responses are anonymous and confidential.

WorkAdvisor offers a variety of different employee engagement solutions at affordable rates including employee engagement surveys, pulse-polls, employee satisfaction surveys, equality diversity and inclusion questionnaires, and much more.

To find out how WorkAdvisor can support your business in improving engagement with your employees, contact us on 02380 986171 or visit