Following up after interview

Landing yourself an interview is a great achievement, but the follow up and aftermath of the interview are equally important in impressing and ultimately getting that lucrative job offer. 

Now the interview is over, what do you do?  

Before leaving the interview, ask for next steps

First things first, before leaving the interview, if the interviewer has not already mentioned, ask about the next steps. The interviewer will likely then let you know what sort of timeline you can expect, in terms of feedback and [hopefully] an offer. By understanding the stage in the hiring process the interviewer is at, you can manage your expectations. At this stage, it’s also a good idea to reiterate your interest in the position and thank them for their time. 

Follow up note 

Don’t leave it a couple of days until you haven’t heard anything, when you get home or first thing the following day, send a note thanking the interviewer for their time, letting them know how great it was meeting them and looking forward to hearing back. This will firstly demonstrate your appreciation for the opportunity, but also act as a hint to get back to you with a response, even if it is just a message to say when you can expect to hear the outcome. 

If it’s been a while…

If you’re still awaiting a response to an interview after a while, emailing the interviewer or hiring manager for feedback on your performance in the interview. It might be the case that they’ve just been busy, but if it’s a case of being unsuccessful, then sending an email asking for feedback will allow you to learn for future interviews how to succeed according to what did and didn’t go well. 


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