exam results: next steps

Exam results: next steps

Awaiting exam results and coursework is often considered one of the most stressful parts of student life, and then even once results are out, there’s the next stress of what to do with these results.  

Not all jobs require huge amounts of related experience or qualifications, the main stipulation is largely that of having the right attitude and ability to learn. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some examples of jobs requiring limited experience or qualifications include: 

  • Sales executive 
  • Customer services 
  • Armed forces 
  • Administration 
  • Travel representative 

The below people have achieved enormous success, with their career path not necessarily being traditional since leaving school: 

Lord Alan Sugar 

Lord Alan Sugar left school with one GCSE at 16, to work in a Greengrocers and sold electrical goods out of his car. Cut to now, where he is worth over £1.4 billion, owns numerous businesses and has his own tv show, The Apprentice. Pretty inspiring! 

Sir Richard Branson 

After dropping out of school at the age of 16, Sir Richard Branson started a magazine which then spurred further entrepreneurial endeavours, ultimately leading to the culmination of the Virgin brand.  

Bill Gates 

From a young age, Bill Gates had an interest in computer programming and coding, which saw him drop out of Harvard University shortly before graduating to pursue his dream of opening up his own company, where Microsoft was born.  

Simon Cowell 

The businessman, reality tv judge, entrepreneur and philanthropist left school after achieving 3 GCSE’s and took up numerous jobs. What started out as a worker in the mail room of a music company then inspired him to pursue what is now his career in music and entertainment management. 


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