Dealing with redundancy


It can be a taboo topic, redundancy, with even the thought of it striking fear into many workers across the country. But what do you do when you walk into the office one day and find that you are being made redundant? The first thing not to do is panic, and rather to think rationally as to what your next steps will be. 

Whilst the latest figures shows that the employment rate is at its highest since 1971, it is not surprising that redundancies are still a common occurrence for many workers.  

Here’s what to do if you if you are made redundant: 


The Citizen’s Advice Bureau offers numerous resources for those in need of support and guidance when it comes to next steps after redundancy. Their website offers advice around key issues such as making sure your redundancy process is fair, grounds for challenging your redundancy, redundancy pay and voluntary redundancy. 

Beginning the job search 

If you’ve been made redundant, then this is a great time to take a breather and think about whether you are happy in your career path. if you are looking to change careers or jobs entirely then this could affect your finances and decisions in dealing with redundancy, so it is something to consider fairly early on too. If you are aware of looming redundancies in your company then it is a good idea to get networking with fellow professionals to see what other opportunities are about, so when your redundancy comes around, you have some leads and are not completely starting from the beginning. 

Contacting your local job centre as soon as possible and requesting the Rapid Response Service for help finding a new job promptly after being made redundant is a good place to start when money is tight and there are bills to pay. 


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