When is a good time to negotiate salary

When is it a good time to negotiate salary?

To say salary is not an important dictator of whether to apply for or accept a job would be wholly inaccurate for the large majority of job hunters. Not only does salary dictate your worth to your employer, but it can also act as motivation to succeed in the job and contribute to employee satisfaction. 

The question is, when is the best time to negotiate salary? 

Some hiring managers will broach the topic of salary expectations in the lead up to the interview, using this information to gage your interest and whether you are a suitable applicant for the position. Others will leave it up to the candidate to mention salary first, using this as a benchmark to determine what to put their offer in as. 

The second interview 

If the application process goes on to the second interview, it has been suggested that this is the time to bring up the topic of salary. This stage of interviewing can indicate you are a preferred candidate and puts you in an ideal position for negotiating a preferable salary. 

When you have an offer 

When you have a tangible offer, whether in letter or email form, this can be an ideal time to discuss salary. If the proposed salary is not what you anticipated then you have more power in negotiating when you have received an offer. This allows you to come up with a well thought out counter offer that demonstrates how you feel you bring value to the company. 

After you’ve researched 

Once you’ve done your homework around the typical salary of someone with your experience going into a similar role, you can set your expectations. Decide on a salary range you would be happy with and allow yourself some manoeuvre room for negotiations. 

Selling your worth/ value 

You need to demonstrate why you are worth your ideal salary by selling your value to the company. It’s not just about being the best fitting candidate, it’s more about being the candidate they can’t live without. For a candidate they can’t live without, companies are likely to pay higher to ensure you accept the position. Highlight key areas you know you can excel the business with your own skills and experience and make sure you put a convincing case forward as to why this will bring value to the company and subsequently warrants your ideal salary. 


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