The benefits of an internship


Whether you’re just starting further education or have just finished, being an intern is a popular option to take. Are you unsure as to what career path you want to pursue or already have an idea? Doing an internship can be a way of gaining experience and greater clarification.  

Where some career paths offer placements as part of the degree such as nursing, dentistry and education, others require a more proactive approach from students in the search for hands on experience. Degrees such as humanities, business and law often rely on internships and work experience placements sought out by students to better their chances of employment after graduation. 

Ranging from a month, to three months to as long as a year, from paid to unpaid, internships offer opportunity to experience the working world. 

We’ve put together a list of just some of the benefits of an internship. 

1. Industry experience 

Undertaking an internship in industry provides the opportunity to gain hands- on real world experience. This experience is what will make your CV stand out, against fellow graduates, employers are impressed by those who have taken initiative and worked in the industry. 

Internships can cover anything from the stereotypical student experience from making tea and scanning, to carrying out tasks, participating in meetings and undertaking projects. All provide great examples to talk about in an interview for your graduate job.  

2. Networking with professionals 

Everyone you work with will be a potential connection helpful in finding potential employment after the internship. Finding common ground and similar interests with fellow employees will help in building a rapport. Find out what others in your workplace do and how they do it, dedicate time to understanding how they got to their position and demonstrate you appreciate their time. Later on, when you’re looking for a professional reference or an introduction, they will remember you as the intern who dedicated time to understand and get to know what it is you do.  

3. Build confidence and skills 

Working in a business environment enables you to build on your confidence and skills. Surrounding yourself with professionals and emerging yourself in tasks and projects can increase confidence in your own abilities and yourself as a professional. Whether you are looking to build confidence in presenting or contributing in a team, internships are an opportunity to build on these. Throw yourself into projects and tasks and your confidence will slowly build. 

4. Apply what you have learnt in education

Although you have spent hours on essays, presentations and exams, in the grand scheme of employability, they are irrelevant without professional experience to apply it to. What you learn whilst at university or college can be beneficial in developing your skills whilst in the workplace. From teamworking to pitching ideas, internships provide the opportunity to gain experience built on from education.  


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