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5 tips for making your cover letter stand out

Arguably one of the toughest parts of the application process is writing a cover letter that perfectly demonstrates why you’d be a good fit for a job. There are many, many guides and lists out there for what to include and what not to include in your cover letter to make it shine, making it all the more overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be!  

Here’s our 5 tips for making your cover letter stand out: 

1. Don’t copy your CV 

As long as you’ve attached it, the hiring manager will have seen your CV so you don’t need to copy it all out in your covering letter. Your covering letter should highlight the most important skills and experiences from your CV relevant to the job, elaborating further on why this makes you a suitable candidate for that position in particular. Your CV on the other hand talks more generally about all the experiences you have gained. 

2. Provide measurable examples of your success 

Offering up statistics in your cover letter can be useful in proving the value you have brought to previous positions and how you can be an asset to the company you are applying to. This provides a measurable example of how you have succeeded in your role and demonstrates you understand what it is employers are looking for. 

3. Match your skills and experience  

To show you have an understanding and knowledge of the job role and responsibilities, match your skills and experiences to those outlined in the job description. Make a list of the responsibilities outlined in the job description and then write down how you have used that skill in previous roles or work experiences. Not only does this show consideration for the hiring manager, who hasn’t got time to match those up for themselves, but it also shows you’ve genuinely analysed and looked into the job description and found a compatibility with yourself. 

4. Customise the letter to the company and role 

Following on from the previous point, making sure your covering letter is customised to the company and role you are applying for, it will demonstrate your eagerness for that role, and show the time you have put in to tailor it. Sending a blanket non- customised cover letter can show a lack of interest for the role. Hiring managers won’t dedicate time to it if it’s not been tailored according to their company and the role being advertised. A customised cover letter is your opportunity to stand out against fellow applicants, to demonstrate why they should take the chance on inviting you to interview 

5. Show you have researched the company

Lastly but certainly not least important is doing your research. As for all stages in the job searching process, demonstrating your knowledge of the company you are applying to will go a long way to show your eagerness for the job. Include a way to acknowledge you have done your research on the company- whether this be into their culture, values or products- in the cover letter. Use this new knowledge to show how you would be a good fit to the company. 


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