What do candidates look for in a company?

When looking for a job, increasingly, it is not enough to have a great salary or job title, it is what benefits or rewards you get as a result of working there, that contributes to your employment experience, ultimately forming your opinions about the company and position.

Particularly in a competitive marketplace, companies are battling it out to fight for the best possible hires and talent, with anything from slides in the office, to unlimited holiday on offer to woo candidates and retain employees. Google recently announced plans for their new state- of- the- art London headquarters, with plans including a gym, four cafes and a rooftop garden.  Combining office space and areas for other activities, employees are given freedom to do their work how they wish, whilst making work- life balance potentially easier to achieve. Google are known for their offices shaping their company culture which is why they are identified as one of the best places to work. What do candidates look for in a company?

In this blog post, we discuss three aspects sometimes overlooked by companies when selling themselves and the job, however embraced as key when considering what candidates look for their next opportunity.

Corporate social responsibility

Employees have been noted to look for a sense of fulfilment and pride from what they do and where they work. Working for a company with values matching their own and feeling as though their work makes an impact are noted as being incredibly important for their happiness, this is largely what corporate social responsibility initiatives entail.

Corporate social responsibility initiatives can range from employee volunteer days in the community to cycle to work schemes. Demonstrating involvement and investment in the local and wider community can be great for establishing a company’s reputation, and are becoming more and more prominent in business strategies.

Parental leave

Parental leave is a hotly talked about topic for both employees and companies alike, particularly given the legal requirement posed upon companies to offer up to a year of maternity leave, and 1-2 weeks paternity leave for partners. Additionally, shared parental leave allows for parents to split the parental leave, taking leave in blocks separated by periods of work. This allows for parents to share parenting duties and strike a greater balance when returning to work.

With this in mind however, leading companies such as Netflix now offer extended periods of parental leave, demonstrating the importance of knowing what it takes to compete for the best employees and retain them, systematically launching themselves as a trailblazer for other companies to follow suit. This investment in employee parental leave is considered a vital move by companies, attracting attention from candidates and the industry.

Flexible working

Did you know that all employees who work for their employer for more than 26 weeks are entitled to request flexible working?. Whether this be working from home, job sharing or part time, flexible working can allow employees to achieve a greater work- life balance and can assist companies in increasing employee engagement and retention, encouraging them to recommend the company. Flexible working arrangements are becoming increasingly common, particularly with companies advertising it when recruiting, knowing the importance candidates place on it. Particularly given the prominence of the internet, it is becoming easier to virtually be in the office, whilst being a million miles away or in the comfort of your home, demonstrating that employee productivity does not have to be affected by being out of office, rather in many cases, only enhanced.


Whilst there are undoubtedly more aspects that candidates look for in a company when applying for a job, the above are indicative of the importance candidates place on company’s methods of employee investment and retention. If you would like to work for a leading travel company offering great benefits and rewards to their employees, then search our jobs here and keep up to date with the latest insights in Travel by following the WorkAdvisor LinkedIn page.

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