Should I look for a new job? How to know it’s time.

For those who stay in one job for many years it can be down to security of the role given the amount of time in it, or genuine enjoyment. When you have been in a role for a lengthy period of time, it is not unusual to become blinded by certain aspects of the company or the people and feel a sense of loyalty, making it hard to think about leaving for another opportunity.

But how do you know it is time to look for a new job?

You are not learning anything new or developing yourself

Staying in one job for years can become something of a routine where you do the same things day in day out. Whilst this can prove a comfort to some, if you feel you are no longer developing yourself and learning new skills, this may be an indicator that it is time to go. In a 2016 report by the CIPD, 27% of UK employees said they were dissatisfied with the opportunity to develop their skills in their job. Whilst this figure may be surprising, it is perhaps even more surprising that about 8% of the global workforce remain in jobs they are unhappy in, but have no intention to leave.

Going to work causes stress and upset

If you end up dreading Monday mornings- and pretty much any morning you are at work- then this could be an indication that it is time to leave. If you feel stressed and upset whilst at work, this is not how you should feel! Emotional stress from working and being in a work environment can create further stress and discomfort at home, effecting the crucial work- life balance, making it harder to leave the stresses of work at work (you can read more about maintaining a good work- life balance here).

You do not feel enthusiastic about the company anymore

You were giddy with excitement on your first day, but now you are struggling to find enthusiasm towards the company. Whilst you may be able to disguise your enthusiasm to colleagues, you can’t disguise it from yourself. If you are lacking in enthusiasm towards the company, this can be reflective in your work, demonstrating how uninspired you are and contributing to a lack of motivation to perform your best. If this is the case, then it is time to look for a job elsewhere that inspires this enthusiasm.

Workplace bullying

This goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, bullying in the workplace is unacceptable. There are usually procedures in place in most organisations that provide guidance on how to deal with such behaviour. Whether it is physical, emotional or verbal, bullying can cause a large amount of undue stress- on top of other work- related stress- making the experience at a company and in a job largely unenjoyable. Leaving your job may be the only way to eradicate the effects of such bullying.

Issues are not resolved or dealt with

The first port of call when encountering such problems would be a discussion with your line manager or HR. If problems are not resolved and your experience does not improve then it may be time to start looking for alternative employment. Life is too short to remain in company that doesn’t value you, instead, start looking for an employer who treats you fairly and will aim to and successfully resolve such issues.


If you feel you are experiencing any of these issues then it may be time to look for a new job. To help you along the way, check out our tips for updating your CV here and search jobs in travel here.