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4 questions to ask in an interview

Although people often associate interviews with being judged, they are actually a two- way street for interviewers and interviewees, providing opportunity for both parties to ensure they gain all information required, whilst understanding how good a fit the company and candidate are for each other.

Once you reach the end of an interview, it is common for an interviewer to then turn to you to ask if you have any questions for them. The important thing to remember at this point is that asking questions shows you really are interested in the job and finding out more. Always remember to do your research and form some questions prior to the interview. If a question is brought up at the beginning then worry not, just move on to the next on the list. Candidates who fail to ask any questions demonstrate how uninterested they are in the role, painting them in a less favourable light when it comes to reviewing successful candidates to take to the next stage.

Remember original and imaginative questions can differentiate you against the more generic, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Here are four questions to ask in an interview to get you started:

1. Have I answered all of your questions sufficiently?

Prior to asking the questions you have prepared, ensure you have answered all of the interviewer’s questions with this question. This provides the opportunity to ascertain how the interview is going depending on their response, allowing you to provide further explanation to answers and demonstrating your suitability to the role.

2. Where do you think the company is heading in the next 5 years?

This question shows your interest in the company, whilst giving you the opportunity to ascertain the internal staff feeling towards progression and longevity. Asking this question will show that you are thinking about the bigger picture within the company and about external challenges.

3. What are some of the biggest challenges the department/ company faces?

Shows the interviewer you are thinking about ways of helping these challenges, whilst establishing yourself in the mind of the interviewer as a problem solver and team player.

4. How would you describe the work ethic of the company?

This is a question to the interviewer directly about their experience and thoughts around the company. Answers to this question will be an indicator of the best and worst things about working there. It’s important to consider what it is you are looking for in an employer, so the attitudes and responses to this question can aid in understanding a company’s fit to you, and vice versa.


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