Why you should review your employer

Reviewing your employer can be a simple task, reaping many rewards for employers and employees alike. Company review sites such as WorkAdvisor provide an outlet for allowing employees to provide constructive feedback based on their own experiences to employers.

Be a source of information

Writing a review for a current or previous employer can establish you as a source of first- hand information. Information from a current or previous employee adds credibility to the review, making it more reliable to those reading it than if such information is provided by the employer themselves. A constructive employer review can provide guidance to potential recruits, influencing their decisions and opinions around their fit within the company’s work environment, forming a pivotal resource when researching to prepare for interview. A review- good or bad- is a representation of an actual experience, which has been found to be a significant indication of the image and reputation of a brand. In 2016, 80% of people trust reviews as much as personal recommendations, when deciding to purchase a product, book a holiday, and apply for a job.

Benefits to the employer

An employee review can provide the employer with an improved understanding of employee  experiences. This feedback can be useful in making improvements to aspects such as company environment, team dynamics and responsibilities. An employer who listens to employee feedback and opinions is able to retain their workforce; demonstrating how they value and respect employee opinions can boost office morale.


Employer reviews can provide employees with an outlet to anonymously disclose their opinions and experiences, whilst allowing employers the opportunity to understand how they may appeal to candidates and retain current employees.

Anonymously review your employer with WorkAdvisor.

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