7 Tips to consider when looking for a new job  

A New Year will often bring new goals and resolutions, and for some, a new job is top of the list. In January 2015, job site Indeed found that over 30% of UK workers are considering a new job or career as the New Year commences.

If you are within the 30% this year looking to take the leap back into the job market to look for your next role, it is important to consider what can be done to make the most of opportunities. Here are our top tips:

1. Increase your visibility

Registering yourself and your CV on job sites such as CV library or Monster will increase your chances of being identified as a potential candidate for a job. In addition, access to a large pool of organisations and employers can provide useful guidance on the type of roles you would like to apply to, with the opportunity of being approachable to recruiters.

2. Manage your social media presence

Maintaining a professional online presence, whether that be whilst you are in a job or on the market for a new one, is vitally important. A recent study found that 45% of recruiters check a candidate’s social media profile. Reasons for this include evaluating how well a candidate would fit within the company culture, to verify claims and to gauge how professional a candidate’s social conduct is. Incriminating posts and images that are visible to employers can immediately be a cause to not hire someone; a social media clear out is useful in reducing the chances of this and positioning yourself as a professional.

3. Connect with industry professionals

Connecting with professionals within your industry can be useful in a number of ways. A contact can provide advice and guidance on finding your next job or connecting you with someone who can. LinkedIn is a popular platform to connect with like-minded industry professionals, as well as useful to ask for an introduction from a mutual connection. LinkedIn is also a resource for industry news and debate, where contributing ideas and discussions can begin a conversation, that may lead to an introduction or interview.

4. New skills and experiences

When establishing your job search, it is important to identify certain skills or experiences you would like to gain in your next challenge. Your skills and abilities provide value to a company, but to remain competitive within the job and industry marketplace, continually developing these skills are key. Especially when applying for jobs, demonstrating your eagerness to enhance your professional development can go a long way. Identifying what skills and experiences others in your ideal role have can be a benchmark for development on your current skillset, as well as providing great motivation to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

5. Keep yourself up to date on industry trends

Commercial and industry awareness is a key skill every employer looks for. In addition to proving your fit to the industry and company, a sound awareness can also benefit in the hunt for a job. Regularly monitoring industry new from publications, influencers and companies are a great place to start. Review sites such as WorkAdvisor provide useful information on key players in the industries with company insights and available jobs. Eagerness to remain up to date on trends and stories can prove your dedication and interest to the industry, especially when answering certain questions in the interview process.

6. Update your CV

An up to date CV can be the difference between a recruiter disregarding your CV and inviting you for interview. Remember to include any new skills you have developed, to demonstrate your relevance and suitability for a role. Updating your CV can also be useful in identifying key skills you are missing, and highlight potential areas for development when looking for a job. Working on your CV will help you to know your skills and experiences inside out, preparing yourself for the application process.

7. And finally, be open to new experiences and challenges!

Being open to opportunities outside of your previous career path can be hugely beneficial and exciting. Not limiting yourself to a set role or company can open job roles that may not have seemed appropriate or possible previously. You never know what may come of it!


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