research a potential employer

How to research a potential employer

Researching a prospective employer before attending a job interview is an incredibly important part of searching for a new job, but one that so often gets overlooked.

Why Is It Important to Research a Company?

Not only will you be able to get a better idea of whether a company will be a good fit for you on a personal level, but you are likely to discover some information that you can relay to your interviewer that will demonstrate that you are a thorough and responsible candidate who is dedicated to securing the position. This is where review your employer websites can play a substantial role in securing a job that suits your skills within an organisation that is right for you.

You want to ensure that you make the right decision, because working in an environment that is not suited to your particular skills and personality has the potential to have a negative impact on your confidence. It is likely that you will also want to know about job progression within the company. Looking into whether promises were delivered to current or previous employees will allow you to gain an understanding of how management operates and whether or how promotions are offered.

The Benefits of Company Reviews from Present and Past Employees

Reading through some employer reviews from both present and past employees can be an illuminating process and should form an integral part of your company research. Consider the process as an addition to arriving at your job interview 15 minutes early, sitting in the reception, and observing the internal culture of an organisation. Having the opportunity to witness whether employees are relaxed or tense will tell you a lot, and employer reviews will communicate similar patterns.

Websites such as WorkAdvisor, which allow you to review your employer anonymously, encourage employees to leave honest feedback on their workplace. This is not only helpful to the organisation itself to learn where they can improve, but also to you in determining whether you think you would be happy and thrive in that particular environment.

WorkAdvisor specialises in a number of industries, including IT, finance, media, PR and especially travel. There are a large number of individual reviews written by employees across a variety of sectors and departments. It is helpful to read reviews from employees in similar roles to yours, and understanding the views of people who do other roles within the company can be equally helpful.

These reviews provide you with the opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into the inner workings of an organisation, which will help you to make the correct decision for your next career move.