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How to use LinkedIn to boost your career success

Although lots of people now make use of the internet for recruitment purposes, the advent of social media has had a big impact on the recruitment landscape. Websites such as LinkedIn are often the preferred choice for recruiters seeking top talent and jobseekers wanting to make their next career move.

It’s not enough to just post your details onto sites such as LinkedIn, however, to enhance your career prospects. You need to know how to use this popular social media site to best effect to gain the most benefits from it and to put you in contact with the most influential people.

Be professional

When posting your profile on LinkedIn, it’s important to view it like an online CV. Many top recruiters now use this site to find talent before they advertise posts, so treat it like any other online recruitment platform. Although many people take a casual approach to posting content on social media sites, this should never be the case with LinkedIn. With this site, it’s essential to always maintain a professional approach if you want to be taken seriously. That’s not to say that you can’t do anything different to make your profile stand out – just ensure that it doesn’t compromise your professionalism in any way.

Tailor your approach

If you want your profile to be found by employers, you need to tailor your details to the specific job or career sector you are seeking so the right people will view it. Highlight specific keywords or phrases that may be relevant to this particular sector, and make sure the relevant skills related to these stand out.

Get involved

Show that you are committed to a particular career choice by following companies or groups on LinkedIn or other social media sites so that you’re aware of industry news or recruitment changes. This also ensures you are visible to recruiters. If you’re interested in jobs in travel, for example, take part in group discussions relating to this sector, make contact with relevant travel recruitment firms or contacts and try to build up a quality network of contacts.

Avoid buzzwords

As more people use LinkedIn to advertise their talents to potential recruiters, you’ll face stiff competition unless your profile stands out from the crowd. It’s not just your skills and experience that are important, as the words you use to showcase your talents matter too. Research has shown that certain job-seeking buzzwords are becoming overused to the point that they no longer have any impact. Inject creativity into your profile and steer clear of common career-speak.

Show – don’t tell

Employers like to look for evidence of skills, and you can successfully achieve this using LinkedIn by adding visual media to your profile to make you stand out. If you’re seeking jobs in travel, for example, you could add visual details of any achievements or projects undertaken, such as a holiday brochure page you created. Don’t let your profile down by forgetting to properly complete it, and always add a photo to provide the personal touch.