IGLU.COM win the Travel Employer of the Year Award.

Iglu.com has beaten off more than 150 competitors to win our Travel Employer of the Year Award, making Iglu.com officially the best place to work in the UK travel industry!


Our award is based on independent company reviews submitted on our site by those who work, or who have worked, for the companies – the people we believe are best qualified to make them.


The format of our employee reviews is 5 key questions about the individual company which includes the sociability of the company, employee motivation to deliver company objectives, company support in employee’s career development, job security and salary. Iglu.com garnered a total of 33 independent reviews with an impressive overall score of 4.7 out of a maximum 5.0.


In a world with increasing accessibility to information, prospective employees want to find out what sort of environment they are going to find in a new workplace. And in a competitive marketplace reviews reflecting a positive experience help employers to make their brand stand out.


We believe that, as an employer, if you create a positive working environment it’s likely that you’ll also create enthusiastic brand ambassadors who will draw more talent to your front door. This is why encouraging your employees to provide feedback and write a review is so important, offering potential candidates the opportunity to find out more about the company from the people who know it best, offering honest insights on their experiences.