Employee satisfaction at its lowest since Autumn 2011

So, here we are with effectively zero unemployment and according to the CIPD Employee Outlook study which is published today, employee satisfaction is at its lowest point since 2011.

According to the survey:

25% of staff are actively looking for a new job

30% do not believe their organisation supports their career development

52% are afraid or reporting stress or mental health issues.

And it is not all about the money; most switched on HR’s will know that money is not the key to satisfaction, even though according to the survey, more people are satisfied with their remunerations than are dissatisfied with it.

The most reported reasons for dissatisfaction in 2016 are:

  1. Workload, the majority of respondents believed their work load to be excessive. Behind this is engagement , if staff are engaged they are less concerned about the volume of work they have to get through, for disengaged people, everything is a chore.
  2. Being mismanaged / having a poor line manager – this is intrinsically linked to managers’ inability to recognise capabilities and have development plans for their people.
  3. Distrust of Senior management. Whilst most people will tell us that they know the goals of an organisation, that is not the same as agreeing to them – its up to seniors to express the goals in terms that are meaningful and achievable for their organisations.

The solution the good people at the CIPD come up with, and which we at WorkAdvisor agree with, is to generate employee engagement by working in partnership with employees. Ensure their jobs matches their skills, care about career development (and do something about it) and help them develop a diverse range of tools which will be valuable to any employer, not just their current one.

If you are interested in finding out how your people rate you as a manager or your company as an employer, get them to rate you now on workadvisor.co.uk – real time reviews (anonymous) that gives you the insight you need to make informed decisions.