Would you recommend your employer?

We surveyed people working in the travel industry to find out their answers to the question ‘would you recommend your employer to a friend or potential job seeker?’ and the findings were extremely interesting!

We spend 60% of our waking hours at our place of work so this is a very important question.


Remarkably, less than half (48%) of responders would not recommend their place of work to a friend or potential job seeker.

We asked our responders to explain briefly why they wouldn’t recommend their employer and the top three reasons given were:

  1. Lack of career development/opportunity.
  2. Lack of recognition/being valued
  3. Lack of clarity of the business priorities.

Some 45% of people that we asked would recommend their place of work and the main reasons for this were,

  1. Quality of employer/brand
  2. Travel industry opportunities
  3. Fun and sociability

The remaining respondents were undecided (7%) but interestingly would be swayed to answer positively if the following areas were addressed,

  1. Better salary
  2. Better manager
  3. Better work life balance

It’s clear that the travel industry represents an exciting opportunity for employees, while the perks and benefits help to make up for low salaries.

It’s also clear that people care about their career progression, want to be valued in the work place and to have clear business priorities.

Recruiting is expensive and time consuming, so it makes sense to engage with employees and get them to champion their place of work.

If you treat employees like they make a difference, then they will.