Are job interviews a thing of the past?

The job interview could soon be a thing of the past, according to recent posts by recruiters on social media. But founder Philip Price argues it as vital as ever. The interview has been at the heart of the recruitment process for as long as most people can remember.In recent years it has been […]

Diverse management yields results

A quick glance at the travel gender pay table makes uncomfortable reading. Ryanair is leading the way, if that’s the phrase, in the difference between average pay of men and women, with a gender pay gap of 72%, while the airlines Jet2, TUI Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines and EasyJet all have gender pay gaps of […]

Where are the UK Salary hotspots?

Where does your city rank in the UK salary table? This week the ONS released data that ranked each town and city that has at least 135,000 inhabitants in the UK based on the average salary paid to its workers. The results although expected in some areas do throw up some surprises with the lowest paid town […]

Achieving work-life balance

Must Know Strategies For Achieving Work-Life Balance These days, the term “work-life balance” is everywhere, and everyone from life coaches to corporate CEOs are talking about it. The term is a bit loosely defined, but it generally refers to how well you do (or don’t) manage responsibilities and relationships harmoniously throughout your life. When responsibilities […]

Speak up in 2018

Speak up in 2018 By Philip Price, founder of review and recruitment site WorkAdvisor After mulling over their future during the holiday period, many people are determined to make a change and set themselves a New Year’s resolution. For some this will be joining a gym, cutting back on food or alcohol, or just spending […]

Educational trips a right or a necessity?

At WorkAdvisor we recruit within the travel industry and always aim to place the right candidate in the right role. This is often a balancing act of managing the expectations of the recruiter, who obviously wants the best person in the market, and the expectations of the candidate who, quite rightly, sees an approach from […]


Following up after interview

Landing yourself an interview is a great achievement, but the follow up and aftermath of the interview are equally important in impressing and ultimately getting that lucrative job offer.  Now the interview is over, what do you do?   Before leaving the interview, ask for next steps First things first, before leaving the interview, if the interviewer has not already mentioned, […]

exam results: next steps

Exam results: next steps

Awaiting exam results and coursework is often considered one of the most stressful parts of student life, and then even once results are out, there’s the next stress of what to do with these results.   Not all jobs require huge amounts of related experience or qualifications, the main stipulation is largely that of having the […]


Dealing with redundancy

  It can be a taboo topic, redundancy, with even the thought of it striking fear into many workers across the country. But what do you do when you walk into the office one day and find that you are being made redundant? The first thing not to do is panic, and rather to think rationally as to what […]


The benefits of an internship

  Whether you’re just starting further education or have just finished, being an intern is a popular option to take. Are you unsure as to what career path you want to pursue or already have an idea? Doing an internship can be a way of gaining experience and greater clarification.   Where some career paths offer placements as […]