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How to give your boss feedback

No boss is perfect. Some display poor people management skills, which can lead to a demotivated workforce, some show favouritism, which leads to fragmented departments, some fail to communicate and some constantly hold meetings that prevent employees from doing their work. When this lack of skills has become too much for you as an employee, […]

Employee satisfaction at its lowest since Autumn 2011

So, here we are with effectively zero unemployment and according to the CIPD Employee Outlook study which is published today, employee satisfaction is at its lowest point since 2011. According to the survey: 25% of staff are actively looking for a new job 30% do not believe their organisation supports their career development 52% are […]

Job Interviews: Our top ten tips

  “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” may be a well-worn cliché, but it’s certainly true when it comes to interviews. Depending upon which research you believe, an interviewer takes between 7 and 30 seconds to form an opinion about a candidate and it can be very hard to change […]

Is your daily commute getting you down?

The number of people spending more than two hours travelling to and from work every day has jumped by 72% over the past decade to more than 3 million, according to recent research. The analysis also showed that the number of commuters travelling for three or more hours a day had risen by 75%, from […]

Are you satisfied with your company?

  Article by Jeremy Skidmore. Life in the office has changed somewhat since I was last a full-time employee nearly 15 years ago. Although I like to think that I treated people fairly when I was an editor and that the banter was all good-natured, some of the tactics I used would probably be frowned […]