About Us

Who Are WorkAdvisor?

A bit about us: WorkAdvisor is one of the largest employer review companies dedicated to the UK recruitment market, as well as offering recruitment services, including permanent, temporary, and contract roles. We give you the inside track on any business in the UK, one you might be thinking of joining or even the one you work for now. We started the company in 2014 with the view to helping those looking for their next career move.

How do we help candidates?

WorkAdvisor aims to support candidates to find their dream job, we have over 100,000 live vacancies and thousands of honest and unbiased employee reviews from people who know what it is like to work in the company you may be thinking of joining.

Did you know, the average British worker will spend 60% of their waking hours at work, that’s an average of 46 years!



How do we support employers?


WorkAdvisor is the employer branding, engagement and recruitment portal for the UK recruitment market. WorkAdvisor supports companies and their employees that want to champion their business as a great place to work and attract the best and most engaged talent. Employer branding, reputation management and flexible recruitment solutions are brought together in one easy-to-use platform.

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Recruitment solutions.


Dedicated Account Manager – WorkAdvisor is on hand to guide you through the entire recruitment journey. We can help with writing your job description, salary bench-marking or understanding the size of the candidate pool



Employer branding opportunities- Unlike recruitment agencies we actually include your branding within the job advert as we recognise your brand is important to the recruitment process and candidates want to be prepared before the arrive for interview.



Job description support – We understand that writing the perfect job description is very important, therefore we support employers with making sure they stand out against others. We take time to research the role and present a job spec which is truly unique and gives employers the very best chance of a hire.



CV Vetting-  Unlike other job boards we offer a CV vetting service as standard. WorkAdvisor will review every candidate we receive and will only send you the most relevant candidates for your role.