Following up after interview

Landing yourself an interview is a great achievement, but the follow up and aftermath of the interview are equally important in impressing and ultimately getting that lucrative job offer.  Now the interview is over, what do you do?   Before leaving the interview, ask for next steps First things first, before leaving the interview, if the interviewer has not already mentioned, […]

exam results: next steps

Exam results: next steps

Awaiting exam results and coursework is often considered one of the most stressful parts of student life, and then even once results are out, there’s the next stress of what to do with these results.   Not all jobs require huge amounts of related experience or qualifications, the main stipulation is largely that of having the […]


Dealing with redundancy

  It can be a taboo topic, redundancy, with even the thought of it striking fear into many workers across the country. But what do you do when you walk into the office one day and find that you are being made redundant? The first thing not to do is panic, and rather to think rationally as to what […]