5 Tips for enhancing your LinkedIn profile

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is increasingly being used by recruiters to search for candidates (you can read about that more in our blog post here), so it is little wonder that LinkedIn plays such a large part in the job hunting process. Not only is LinkedIn your online profile, but it is also your professional […]

What do candidates look for in a company?

When looking for a job, increasingly, it is not enough to have a great salary or job title, it is what benefits or rewards you get as a result of working there, that contributes to your employment experience, ultimately forming your opinions about the company and position. Particularly in a competitive marketplace, companies are battling […]

The importance of investing in employee training

Investing in employee training can be hugely advantageous to employers and employees alike. Nowadays, recruiters and companies are looking to fill roles with a multitude of responsibilities and necessary previous experience, but the chances of filling these roles exactly to the specification can be tricky especially in a competitive environment, when the role is so […]