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How can you attract candidates to your company?

Attracting candidates amongst a sea of competition can be a challenge. In a recent survey of UK workers, 69% said they would apply to a job if the employer actively manages the company brand, and 76%  said they look to details from the company that demonstrates why it is a good place to work, when deciding whether to apply or not. Whilst 11% of […]

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The importance of candidate experience

  When recruiting for a candidate to fill a role, it is not enough to just put a job description out there and arrange interviews. The recruitment process can be rewarding for a recruiter, the company, and the candidate and therefore should be invested in. Without a positive perception of the experience, candidates may walk […]

CV Do’s and Don’ts

A CV is a self- promotional tool used to demonstrate your fit to a role. It is what is showcased on the CV that demonstrates why you should be selected for interview. It should be easy to read, relevant and most of all, encourage a recruiter to continue reading. It is especially important to put […]