5 Career resolutions for 2017

Joining the gym, eating healthier and visiting a new country are popular personal resolutions for the new year. Why should your career be any different? Find out some career resolutions to make the most of opportunities in 2017! 1. Update your CV Refreshing your CV with any new experiences and responsibilities can be beneficial in […]

Working in travel

Are you looking for jobs in travel?

The travel industry has always been a hot destination for ambitious people looking to forge an exciting, rewarding career. Working in travel offers the opportunity to see new places, enjoy variety, meet interesting colleagues and have fun. It’s a big business, and the statistics speak for how attractive the industry is from an employment perspective. […]

Company review

How to respond to employee reviews online

If you’re planning a trip or booking a restaurant, online reviews have become a go-to resource. For job seekers they can also be an excellent way of researching potential employers, and 83% of people say employer reviews impact directly on where they apply. As an employer, you can use your reviews to create a constructive […]

Travel market growth

The Travel Industry – Market Growth

Technology is constantly changing how consumers make purchases, as they’re provided with a wealth of information to make their buying decisions. This interaction with customers is something marketers need to focus on, fine-tuning how they communicate to provide the most valuable and relevant information to their buyers. Understanding consumers is crucial when trying to get […]

5 Reasons to pursue a career in Travel in 2017

The New Year is a great time to look for a new career, whether that be remaining within your current industry or venturing into a new one. The travel industry is known for being fast- paced and exciting, establishing it as a strong contender to enter as your next career step. Here are our 5 […]

The top 5 workplace predictions for travel businesses in 2017

Employers will find it increasingly difficult to attract new talent in 2017, while employees will demand greater flexibility at work and the right to have their say about their employer. WorkAdvisor’s Chief Executive, Philip Price, gives his top 5 predictions for how our working lives will change in 2017. 1. Employers will find it harder […]

career in travel

The importance of your end of year review

With 2017 only a few weeks away, it is important to make sure you arrange your end of year review with your manager. This is the opportunity to have your voice heard and discuss steps for moving forward into the new year. Speak up Contributing to discussions in the office as well as the review […]

UK workers missing out on holiday allowance

One in five Brits won’t take their full allowance in 2016, largely due to pressure at work. Expedia’s annual ‘Vacation Deprivation’ study reveals the holiday habits of workers around the world. Brits rank mid table internationally in work-life balance index, with Germany coming out on top. This is according to the ‘2016 Vacation Deprivation’ study […]

Office Christmas Party

Drinking far too much, giving your boss a mouthful and flirting with that attractive person in accounts. It can only be the office Christmas party. Many people of a certain age – I’ll include myself – have not always behaved with total professionalism at the annual celebration with colleagues. Years ago it didn’t seem to […]