LinkedIn recruitment approaches, a force for good or evil?

It is hard to ignore the impact that LinkedIn has had on the recruitment industry. LinkedIn is the “largest professional network” in the world with some 19m registered users in the UK alone, it has fundamentally changed the way that organisations connect with individuals. Although it could be believed LinkedIn would be manner from heaven […]

research a potential employer

How to research a potential employer

Researching a prospective employer before attending a job interview is an incredibly important part of searching for a new job, but one that so often gets overlooked. Why Is It Important to Research a Company? Not only will you be able to get a better idea of whether a company will be a good fit […]

review sites

The best employer review sites in the UK

As we spend a large portion of our lives at work and see our colleagues more often than some of our friends and family, it is important to find a role within an organisation that suits your skills, knowledge and personality. Arguably, the only way to gain a comprehensive insight into an organisation is to […]

5 Tips for a good work- life balance

In our hectic working lives, it is easy to push aside certain things like taking a break or even sticking to your contracted working hours. It is important to not let your work life overpower your home life, and vice versa. A good work life balance is key to preventing overworking yourself and burning out. […]

The importance of a healthy work environment

As temperatures drop further, it is important to ensure you look after yourself to make sure you perform at your best whilst at work. Equal measures from employers and employees alike are in the business’ best interests to maintain a work environment that is suitable to work in; this includes the health, safety and welfare considerations important for […]

Career Path

What’s my perfect career path?

After graduating university, or whilst you’re nearing your final few months, the job hunt should really kick in and start opening doors to your future career goals. You may have a career path mapped out, all the way from which qualifications to take through to recruitment, achieving your different career goals along the way. Then […]