Dealing with redundancy

  It can be a taboo topic, redundancy, with even the thought of it striking fear into many workers across the country. But what do you do when you walk into the office one day and find that you are being made redundant? The first thing not to do is panic, and rather to think rationally as to what […]


The benefits of an internship

  Whether you’re just starting further education or have just finished, being an intern is a popular option to take. Are you unsure as to what career path you want to pursue or already have an idea? Doing an internship can be a way of gaining experience and greater clarification.   Where some career paths offer placements as […]

When is a good time to negotiate salary

When is it a good time to negotiate salary?

To say salary is not an important dictator of whether to apply for or accept a job would be wholly inaccurate for the large majority of job hunters. Not only does salary dictate your worth to your employer, but it can also act as motivation to succeed in the job and contribute to employee satisfaction.  The question is, when is the best time to […]

The Advantage Travel Partnership

5 benefits to working at the Advantage Travel Partnership

If you’re reading this then chances are you’re either considering a career with the Advantage Travel Partnership, or you already work there and are looking to learn a bit more about your amazing employer (we’re not biased at all…).  In this blog post we’ll be discussing 5 benefits to working at the Advantage Travel Partnership, and […]

effectively managing your time at work

5 tips for effectively managing your time at work

“Time management” and “efficiency” have always been hot words in the workplace, but in recent years our definitions of these words and the ways we work have begun to evolve. With an emphasis on everything from ensuring meetings are effective to properly delegating tasks to get the best out of each employee, every aspect of […]

impress in interview

5 ways to impress in an interview

Now you’ve made it through to the interview stage of the application process, it’s important to consider what measures to take to impress the interviewer[s] and make you the most memorable, stand- out candidate.  Here are 5 ways to impress in an interview:  1. Ask relevant and thought-provoking questions   Hiring managers love it when you show interest […]

recruiting out of hours

Recruiting out of hours: the benefits

The scenario is all too common, you find the perfect candidate and try to call them but they don’t pick up. Usually this is because it’s a time when they are at work and can’t pick up the phone, and by the time they return your call, you’ve now left the office and finished for the day. This […]

cover letter

5 tips for making your cover letter stand out

Arguably one of the toughest parts of the application process is writing a cover letter that perfectly demonstrates why you’d be a good fit for a job. There are many, many guides and lists out there for what to include and what not to include in your cover letter to make it shine, making it […]

first impression

6 Ways to make a good first impression in a new job

If you’re reading this then chances are you’ve either got yourself a new job and due to start soon (congratulations!), you’re a newbie who’s already started (congratulations again!) or you’re just curious. In any case, welcome! Whilst you can breathe a sigh of relief and give yourself a pat on the back for getting the job, now is not the […]

4 reasons why volunteering is valuable

4 reasons why volunteering is so valuable

Whether you’re just starting to establish what industry you would like to work in, or looking for a career change, it is vital nowadays to have some form of experience to demonstrate to hiring managers that you are a serious candidate to consider. But how do you get experience when most jobs require previous experience, which you do not have? We’ve […]