recruiting out of hours

Recruiting out of hours: the benefits

The scenario is all too common, you find the perfect candidate and try to call them but they don’t pick up. Usually this is because it’s a time when they are at work and can’t pick up the phone, and by the time they return your call, you’ve now left the office and finished for the day. This becomes a never- ending cycle, how do you contact a candidate? 

The answer may not be one you’ll like but it’s perhaps expected given the nature of recruitment: out of hours. This can be anything from calling before 8.30am or after 5pm, to arranging calls for the weekend. 

Once you’ve made it through the phone call, the next hurdle is scheduling an interview, not all candidates are able to make an interview during working hours, which leaves the suggestion of out of usual working hours.  

Benefits to recruiting out of hours include: 

1. Reaching candidates 

Perhaps the biggest benefit of recruiting out of hours is the ability to successfully reach and speak to candidates. Contacting them during times they are unlikely to be in work means they are more likely to be free to speak about the role and setting up an interview 

2. Shows understanding 

Contacting candidates out of normal working hours shows an understanding of their responsibilities. A majority of candidates are unable to pick up the phone to talk in-depth about a role, particularly when they are at their desk from 9-5, so calling them out of hours shows you respect that they have a job and don’t wish to jeopardise this. Candidates are more likely to be open to a chat and opportunity if you are flexible around their availability. Likewise, arranging an interview with a candidate for out of office hours can be more convenient and relaxed for candidates. With the flexibility reflecting well on the company and what the candidate can expect if they were to be successful. 

 3. Job offer 

The moment you’ve been waiting for- making a job offer and [hopefully] it being accepted! The late phone calls and pushing for an out of hours interview has paid off as you find yourself with a happy candidate and employer; proving flexible recruiting is worth it. 


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