Why graduates should consider a career in travel

Why Graduates should consider a career in travel

So you’ve finished university and now comes the question of what to do with the degree you’ve spent three or four years completing.

Whilst a large majority of graduates wish to go travelling once they have finished university, the harsh reality is that after all those years in education, money can be tight. This is especially true considering latest figures released by The Institute of Fiscal Studies show that students from the poorest 40% of families will finish university with an average £57,000 worth of debt. This eye- watering sum may or may not seem surprising, the question follows as to whether it is best to begin repayments with a job straight after university or to put it on hold and see the world first.

A common misconception is that graduates take a gap year to go travelling to delay the process of looking for a ‘proper job’. But it does not have to be a boring 9 to 5 job in an office, you can still enjoy ‘time off’ after university has finished and see the world, whilst acquiring skills and earning money.

How can Graduates get into travel?

Like most industries, there is no set way to get into travel. Opportunities exist for those who are willing and passionate to take them, and in turn these can take you around the world. From apprenticeships and internships to full time positions working in global teams, the travel industry offers many opportunities for progression.

Does this sound like your cup of tea? Then keep reading! The all-important perks that come with working in travel helps too. From trips to exotic destinations, to meeting like- minded passionate travel professionals like yourself, a career in travel is guaranteed to offer you variety and excitement, feeding your wanderlust to see the world.

What’s out there?

Numerous travel brands offer schemes for recent graduates with the aim of training them up in the industry. TUI group for example offer an International Graduate Leadership Programme to recent university graduates hoping to kick start their career in travel over an 18 month period. STA Travel on the other hand are known for being student savvy, offering a host of different job opportunities, from being a Backpacker Travel Expert in Australia to working in their London head office.


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