4 reasons why volunteering is valuable

4 reasons why volunteering is so valuable

Whether you’re just starting to establish what industry you would like to work in, or looking for a career change, it is vital nowadays to have some form of experience to demonstrate to hiring managers that you are a serious candidate to consider.

But how do you get experience when most jobs require previous experience, which you do not have?

We’ve come up with 4 reasons why volunteering is so valuable.

1. Volunteering shows drive 

Gaining experience through volunteering demonstrates to potential employers your drive and determination to develop your skills and experience. Particularly given volunteering is something people do for free, it shows money is not a motivator, but rather the experience and what you gain from it in the long run that matters. This in itself is considered an admirable trait, and shows you are not likely to be swayed by a salary.

 2. Boost your CV

As detailed by Reed, once you have identified what area you would like to gain experience in, volunteering can be hugely beneficial to add to your CV and build up relevant experience to your chosen- or prospective- career. With volunteer experiences filling up your CV you will be more likely to reap the rewards with interviews, having more to discuss that is relevant to the job which in turn will increase the likelihood of success. Volunteering can be a great way to acquire new skills that can be transferred to any job. From communication to team work, employers value candidates who have got out there to demonstrate these skills, and in doing so, boosting their employability.

3. Networking 

Whether this be through working in an office, or attending an event, the people you meet during your voluntary experience can be hugely beneficial to your career. Volunteering can provide the opportunity to network with professionals in your industry of interest, offering insights and advice, whilst establishing professional relationships that may help the job search. Networking can be useful grounding for setting goals and ambitions for your future career, providing the opportunity to get to know the industry and the people you could be working with in the future.

 4. Personal development

Many people choose to volunteer for their personal development, this can include to feel a sense of achievement, making a difference to the lives of others and gaining self- confidence. In turn, volunteering provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment, which therefore encourages further volunteerism.

By this stage, we know the value of volunteering to gain experience, but how do you sell this on your CV? Watch this video to find out some CV tips from our founder, Philip.